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Date: April 23, 2017
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Adult Bible Studies


Meets each Tuesday from 7:30 - 8:50AM in the Fellowship Hall for breakfast followed by Bible study.  

Contact the church office or the calendar for the current location and itme. 

Join us at 9:30AM in the Fellowship Hall classroom.


Join us at 6:00PM  in Classroom #3


All classes open to the community.  For a list of Seminar classes offered click here.


The Plan: A One Hour Seminar
Explore the plan of salvation using proven tools, plus preview the Rolling Hills plan to equip disciples of Jesus Christ for their lives and ministry. Offered monthly, this introductory seminar will prepare you for what’s next!

New Member Dinner
Meet fellow disciples while breaking bread together, explore selected scripture from the story of Jesus according to Mark’s Gospel, and see how it informs how we do church at Rolling Hills. Hosted monthly in various homes and locations, you will receive a one-time orientation to church participation and organization for our unique congregation.
40 Days of Purpose
Investigate answers to the question we all ask, “What on earth am I here for?!” Based on five purposes found in three major Bible verses, this initiative reads one chapter per day of The Purpose Driven Life and meets weekly for 6 lively and thought provoking sessions. Offered quarterly.

Bible 101
Gain a working knowledge of what the Bible is and what it contains, plus take home an enjoyable, readable and reliable resource that spurs you to get the most out of your further use of the all-time best-seller!

Bible 201
Using Rick Warren’s Bible Study Methods, learn how to do awesome, life-changing, in-depth Bible studies using a basic Bible-study tool kit. This text presents 12 Bible study methods that are seminary-level techniques, yet easy to learn, while using resources readily accessible.
Growing To Be Like Christ
As plants, bushes or trees thrive because of certain conditions and requirements, so too do our souls. In order to cultivate the godly conditions for blessed spiritual growth, we use the six week DVD curriculum “Growing to Be Like Christ” to inspire you to pray, worship, relate, study the Bible and serve neighbor and Lord. Offered quarterly.

God has hard-wired you in certain ways. Life has dealt you its hand. You’ve made choices. Can God somehow use it all? You bet! See how God yet wishes to shape the rest of your life by discovering, developing and deploying what you have to offer to Jesus. This six seek video curriculum and life assessment is offered quarterly.

The Treasure Principle
Who said that “It is more blessed to give than to receive”? Why, Jesus, supposedly. Find out how to experience what Jesus proposes through a four week adventure with this quarterly offering.

Becoming a Contagious Christian
By nature, if your spiritual life is healthy, it’s infectious. Learn how to spread the health!  Offered quarterly, this eight-week adventure is eye opening about you, your relationships and your ultimate mission in life.
Christ Center Leadership Training
The spiritual disciplines of Biblical Equipping, prayer and care, worship and mission outreach are taught in depth, with group skill practice a vital part of the learning process. Graduates are commissioned to begin and lead small groups.
Missions Seminar
Our Evangelism and Outreach Ministry is always planning various learning experiences and adventures.  Watch for announcements of upcoming opportunities.


A group gathering of three to twelve persons who meet on a regular basis with a trained, commissioned and supervised leader in order to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ as they participate in community building and care, Biblical Equipping, prayer and worship and missional service. 

Small groups make it possible for members to connect personally with others, establish strong bonds of friendships and be part of the life and mission of the congregation.  The caring atmosphere that begins in small groups spreads throughout the congregation.

 If you are interested in joining a small group or training as a leader contact the church office.

Theatre & Theology

Some of the best popular and fine arts productions have Christian themes and values in mind.    We study about them beforehand to enhance enjoyment and discuss it with each other to multiply the insight.    Come to the class to learn, go to the dinner for community and to the theater for laughter and song.  To find out about the next opportunity contact the church office.

 Marriage Builders

A study of Love, Sex, Marriage, and Romance is offered at specific times during the year.  The class usually meets on a Friday (date night)  shares a covered dish dinner and childcare is provided.  Contact the church office for the next scheduled class.

The Volunteer Resources Ministry

Find needs and meet them with people who heed the call to serve.  Help people discover their spiritual gifts, even their mission in life.  Inspire the Body of Christ to stay fit and healthy.  Contact the church office for details.

Cooking The Books

If you enjoy cooking to raise funds to further Gods work…this group is for you. The group meets monthly to brain storm new ideas for Cooking the Books!  Come join us as we cook to further God’s work and enjoy great fellowship time! Contact Emma Polk at Email: Emmapolk@earthlink.net or call 636-4870 for information on this small group.

Neighbors Helping Neigbhors

This small group is dedicated to serving people in the church and community. No job too small.  Need a light bulb changed, transportation to church, doctors’ office, airport, grocery store, minor maintenance around the house and yard? Got a project you can’t do alone, just give us a call.  We’re here to help our neighbors! If you need help or would like to be a servant, please contact Julie Waldrop at 267-3044 or email waldropjulia@hotmail.com.