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Date: February 17, 2019
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Crop Walk



2011 Crop Walk Team!

What is a CROP Hunger Walk? A community fund-raising event sponsored by Church World Service (CWS). CROP means Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty. Neighbors walking together to raise money to pro-vide food, medical care, disaster relief, and self-help development for needy people throughout the world, as well as local hunger-fighting.  Millions of people worldwide live on the edge of subsistence, at the will of fragile economies, struggling to escape the crushing grip of poverty and powerlessness. Most are hungry--and they need more than a handout. They need a way out.

Hunger means different things in different places... In Southern Africa it may mean crop failures, food shortages, and famine resulting from prolonged drought. Families and communities may need emergency food, as well as seeds for replanting. In the highlands of Bolivia, it may mean malnutrition resulting from inadequate protein in the family diet. There training in fish farming can mean improved health for parents and children. Our bodies also need an adequate supply of clean water to survive and thrive. So, in many communities, clean water wells--along with improved irrigation for gardens--can mean life and health.

Almost half the people on the planet live on less than $2 a day. Six million children die of hunger each before the age of five. 840 million people worldwide are undernourished and one in ten American households cannot afford enough food to meet their basic needs. By addressing the underlying causes of hunger and poverty CWS enables the impoverished to partake of the fullness of life and become self-sufficient through sustainable development.

Crafting a world without hunger will require the best efforts of us all. Real progress has been made – hunger has declined globally. Impoverished people are reclaiming their lives and their communities with the support of groups like Church World Service. You can help through CROP Hunger Walks, Tools & Blankets events, One Great Hour of Sharing, volunteering in a soup kitchen, writing a letter to Congress, and more. A little help can make a big differ-ence. Be part of the solution! Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Please keep in mind that 25% of the funds raised during CROP WALK will be directed back to Lago Vista through Hill Country Christian Ministries.