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Date: February 17, 2019
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Overseas India

Overseas Outreach

For the last five years, members of RHCC have answered the call to help with gifts of money , medical supplies, and school and office supplies for needy children and adults in Peru, Kenya, India, Russia, and Palestine.  RHCC members have personally delivered these gifts and know firsthand that they were received by the intended recipients. All of these people have witnessed the fact that God cares for them. One laborer at a hospital in Kenya said that “no one had ever given him a gift before.”

Most recently, RHCC gifts of school and office supplies were delivered to children and Bible college students in Palestine. In addition, $400 in donations was also, divided for the Bethlehem Bible College, the Shepherd Society, the Hope Secondary School, and the Mar Elias Educational Institute in the West Bank.

Christ’ call for us to help the poor, release the captives,
free the oppressed and heal the sick is our basic charge as Christians.
The Palestinians are living under extreme oppression and need our prayers.



In 2007, two RHCC members traveled to India at their own expense with Volunteers in Mission. Our church seeks to reach out to show that God continues to care by providing annual support through our Outreach Ministry.  Near Madurai, India Rev. David Gnaniah, son of a Methodist Pastor, oversees three small orphanages.  RHCC congregation contributed $9,000 to be used to help complete construction of a new home for 43 young girls at one of these orphanages. This year we plan to purchase ceiling fans for the building to alleviate the heat – which is typically above the 100 degrees F during May through September. 

David Gnaniah Royappa is the founder-director of the Philip and Timothy Stains Memorial Children’s Home in Madurai, South India, India. There are more than 100 children, ages 6 to 17, who have come to the orphanage from poor and rural South India. Two-thirds of the children have a Hindu background. They are provided food, shelter, education, vocational training and religious values. The Philip and Timothy Memorial Children’s Home is resourced in the U.S. by the United Methodist Church, Wisconsin Annual Conference Advance Special #7940. David is the brother of Wisconsin Conference District Superintendent Sam Royappa out of Sun Prairie.